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okay, i have to ask it

have any of you actually ever seen or read v for vendetta?

because i really don’t think you have. you are all missing the point

v for vendetta isn’t actually supposed to be about bonfire night because v for vendetta is a work of fiction set in an alternate universe (the writer of the original graphic novel, alan moore, assumed people would know this going into the work because he assumed his audience has been in the same room as a history book; which i don’t think is too much to ask, but i digress)

i just find it really interesting that everybody is rallying for the silence of something they probably haven’t even read or watched, because one of the main questions v for vendetta poses is at what point does censorship (especially in the name of “morality and justice”) become propaganda and dystopian thought control

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    Of course actual anarchists know who guy fawkes is, and yeah I’m also really tired of people protesting with the mask...
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    i’ve seen some posts from some people i follow who want people to tag their v for vendetta stuff and have said shit...
  3. bright-wings said: Sorry, are people saying V for Vendetta is bad or…? I’m confused.